isiNdebele Science Fiction movie to be premiered in July

By Lisa Masuku

AWARD winning local film producer Daniel Lasker has produced Zimbabwe’s first ever Ndebele Science Fiction movie set to be premiered in July.

The Ndebele movie shot and produced in Bulawayo is a science fiction story titled “The Signal” with a story line that involves conflict between science, technology and human nature in futuristic worlds.

In an interview with ZBC news this Saturday, Associate Producer and lead actor Dumie Manyathela said the trailer of the movie which was released this Friday gives the audience an appreciation of the story line.

“The story line of “The Signal” is about a deadline sound transmitted from space corrupting the minds of all who hear it, turning them into soulless demons under its control, so that’s the science fiction part,” he said.

The movie is unique in that it explains the conflicts which occur between human kind and technology using one of Zimbabwe’s local languages.

“The theme is science fiction so we are basically promoting our cultural heritage and values as Zimbabweans through science communication. Moreover, telling the science fiction story in our own language is the only way to ensure we share authentic African science stories,” said Dumie.

With, the international film industry fascinated by science fiction stories, the 20-minute movie is a step towards ensuring Zimbabwe’s film sector taps into the international market.

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