Mbare Toilets outcry; public forced to pay US1 to use mbare public toilets

By ZBC Reporter

THE public is up in arms with Harare City Council after some MDC officials allegedly privatised public toilets at Mbare Bus Terminus where travelers and vendors are now forced to pay US1 to use the toilets.

Travelers, bus operators and vendors are up in arms with Harare City Council after some MDC councillors allegedly connived with individuals to privatise the Mbare public toilets.

The toilets which used to be maintained by council workers has been taken over by some individuals who are now demanding US$1 per head for usage.

“Since this bus terminus was built these toilets were public but there are some unscrupulous officials who have turned them into money making machines. Imagine every time a vendor or travelers want to use the toilet they are forced to pay. This must be investigated and culprit brought to book.’’

What makes matters worse is even the elderly and disabled are forced to pay for such a public service.

“They claim that council gave them permission to privatise the use of this toilets. Look vendor the whole day we have elderly people who are forced to pump out a dollar every time they want to use this toilet. We were born here in Mbare and survived on vending. We pay hawkers licenses but we are now surprised that what used to be public toilets have suddenly been taken over by these individuals. We call for the arrest these people or whoever is behind this.’’

Asked for comment Harare City Council acting corporate communications manager Innocent Ruwende says out of the nine toilets at Mbare only one located at ZUPCO terminus is a pay toilet.

“We have nine toilets at Mbare and we have one which is located at Zupco bus terminus which is a pay toilet notes Ruwende without explaining why.’’

But information gathered from the Mbare resident association showed that the public toilets were renovated by donors and has been used as public toilets for the many years before some MDC councilors sought to privatise and monetise the facilities.

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