Local music producers to establish base in Jamaica

By ZBC Reporter

LOCAL musicians will soon showcase their works on an international platform as producers embark on plans to establish a base in Jamaica.

In a move aimed at promoting Zimbabwean music on the international scene, local producers have engaged an international music promoter-turned musician Mr Celtic Reggae from Ireland to establish a recording studio in Jamaica next month.

The pilot project themed “the Dream team” comprises of all music genres, including Zimdancehall, Afrofusion and Sungura.
Mr Celtics Reggae, who is set to feature on a local dancehall rhythm to be released early next month says he was impressed by Zimbabwean talent, hence his decision to ensure the music reaches audiences beyond Africa.

“I was born in the ghetto, I understand the struggles as all ghettos worldwide are the same. I developed a passion for music at a tender age when I was well resourced I thought of chipping in and promoting young talent. When I came to Zimbabwe I was impressed so I’m working with local producers to identify talent so that Zim music goes beyond borders,” said Mr Celtic.

Lyrics will strictly be in English as a way of breaking the language barrier.

Renowned producer Arnold Kamudyariwa, popularly known as DJ Fantan, encouraged artists to be part of the project to market Brand Zimbabwe.
“This is the opportunity we all have been waiting for in order to establish our music far and beyond. Every artist is eligible to take part in this project so artists should come in their numbers so that we market our music,” he said.

Since the days of Bob Marley, a bond between Jamaica and Africa through music has grown over the years with popular Jamaican artists including Elephant man, Sizzla, Busy signal, Turbulence, Cappleton and Fantan Moja, among others, performing in Zimbabwe.

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