Business as usual at Christmas

By ZBC Reporter

While others were Merry making and spending quality time with their  loved ones, there were some who could not take a day off.

Elsewhere, it was business as usual for all those who were at the workplace on Christmas Day.

“My business is selling ice so we couldn’t close because people would want to enjoy cold drinks this Christmas,” a trader said.

Said a transporter: “We are here to serve the people and ensure they are transported from one place to the next.”

Some took advantage of the rains and the off day to work on their fields.

Apart from the health workers, fuel and shop attendants, broadcasters also spent their day at work.

“As you know TV and radio is a 24 hour job so we are here serving the nation because it’s our job,” said a broadcaster.

Hats off to all the workers who sacrificed their Christmas to serve the nation.

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