Police probe case of Chitungwiza minors found dead in car boot

By ZBC Reporter

Society has been implored to ensure the safety of minors after a six-year old and another child aged five were found dead in car trunk in Chitungwiza on Sunday.

Samantha Rufaro Masunda and Saine Murindi were this Sunday found dead after allegedly suffocating inside a Mazda Aveiro car trunk.

With a spate of ill-fated incidents striking minors of late, senior citizens highlighted the need to revisit modern parenting methods.

“It’s a pity we losing children in such a way but also worries us how they can be left on their own at considering their ages,” a resident commented.

Another noted: “The way we grew up we used to be well protected even up to maturity levels, but these days society is doing the exact opposite.”

Police confirmed the sad incident of the two cousins who on the fateful day were left at home alone by their aunt.

“As ZRP are investigating a case of two kids who were found dead inside a Mazda Aveiro after they were left by their aunt who was going to church. On return, she couldn’t find them only to locate them around 5pm inside. We urge parents and guardians to ensure that they leave their children in the care of responsible adults,” ZRP National Police Spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said.

Child suicides and murders, including ritual killings of minors have been rife, a worrying trend raising questions as to what is really happening to society.

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