Zimbabwe: Tamy Moyo Releases New Album Bvudzijena

By Loren Dondo

SONGSTRESS Tamy Moyo has returned with a new album, “Bvudzijena“, (white hair) in style and cultural vigour.

The musical diva premiered her latest single from the album, “Sare” this Wednesday with a music video on her YouTube channel. Fans were impressed with her new traditional take on her artistry.

“The way this woman is representing her country! Better yet her continent. Keep at it ma’am,” one said.

“The level of ART is unmatched,” another said.

It is true that the visual for “Sare” has a strong cultural message, inspired by Zimbabwean culture.

On her Facebook page, Tamy posted a video highlighting the album is about what people rarely talk about.

“You go to school, you get good grades but they don’t teach you what the world is like so you have to peddle through by yourself,” Tammy wrote.

“I am trying to share the experience with young people, things that people hardly ever talk about from discovering yourself as an individual.”

The 23-year-old, on Monday night, released her 13-track album at the ZIMOCO live session launch.

She performed her new songs, namely Sare, My love is yours, Like whatever, Big stepper, Chiuya, Handigone, Umthandazo, Andila ndaba among others.

Fans are also commending and likening her new performance to the Black Entertainment Television (BET) award level.

One of the songs on Bvudzijena titled Rudo features the late Zimdancehall crooner Soul Jah Love, whose legacy still lives in the music and arts industry in Zimbabwe.

It is clear that her new album might have been named after the recognisable hairstyle which has made Tamy Moyo who she is that many are interested in her style.

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