High Court allows fathers to get birth certificates

By ZBC Reporter

The High Court has ordered the Registrar of births and deaths to allow fathers to apply for birth certificates for children born out of wedlock.

The judgement was handed down on the 8th of November after a man approached the High Court with the matter.

It however specifies that the birth and death registration can only be done in the event that the mother abandons the children.

The judgment came after Bernard Tashu together with Child Rights Activist Petronella Nyamapveve approached the High Court to comply with the Birth and Death Registration Act which allows the fathers to apply for birth certificates for their children in circumstances where the mother abandoned or deserted the child,read a statement released by the Zimbabwe Human Rights Forum.

Tasu was repreented by Child Rights Lawyer,Pamela Musimwa of the Justice For Children,while Nyamapveve was represented by Darlington Marange of the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum.

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