CVR to clear number plates backlog this month

By ZBC Reporter

THE Central Vehicle registry (CVR) is set to clear the current vehicle registration plates backlog by the end of this month after government availed enough resources for the programme.

The current backlog of unregistered vehicles without number plates will be cleared by the end of this month, with government indicating that they have adequate resources for the exercise.

The registration exercise is currently ongoing, with treasury having availed two point one million United States dollars for the procurement of vehicle registration plates.

“We had a backlog which we are currently working on. There is no need for one to have an unregistered car by December because the resources are there,” said Dr Johannes Pedzapasi, Director-Transport development and management, Ministry of transport and infrastructural development.

So far, 37 thousand registration plates have been secured while another batch will arrive this month.

“Thirty seven thousand pairs of plates arrived in three batches. We are expecting a big chunk of the plates to arrive mid this month. All in all, the total is 115 thousand plates,” said George Makoni Registrar, Central Vehicle Registry.

With this development, government has also indicated it will soon crack the whip on all unregistered vehicles plying the country’s roads.
The Zimbabwe Republic Police has on several occasions raised concern over unregistered vehicles being used for criminal activities, including robberies.

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