Palestine and Cuba join SADC in calls for the unconditional lifting of illegal sanctions on Zim

By ZBC Reporter

The imposition of illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe by the West has once again come under spotlight, with progressive diplomats and Zimbabweans describing the embargo as harmful while also denouncing the restrictive measures for driving millions of people into poverty.

The illegal imposition of sanctions against Zimbabwe for over two decades without the support of the United Nations Security Council lays bare the illegitimacy of the action taken by the United States and its western allies in 2001.

 These were sentiments of the Palestinian ambassador to Zimbabwe His Excellency Tamer Almassri when he addressed an anti-sanction indaba in Harare this Monday.

“These illegal economic sanctions gravely impede Zimbabwe’s efforts to improve is economy and people’s livelihood and tramples on Zimbabwean people’s right to development. Thus they must immediately and completely lifted,” says ambassador Almassri.

Cuban ambassador to Zimbabwe Her Excellency Carmelina Ramirez described unilateral coercive measures against countries as contrary to dictates of international law.

She said: “The decision by SADC to declare 25th October the day of anti-sanctions give us the opportunity to sensitise the general public on the topic of great interest. In spite of international reject to the application of such sanctions, why persist? We have to continue working closely, supporting each other talking with one voice in all international scenarios – the sanctions should be removed.”

Zimbabwe Anti-Sanctions Trust Dr. Norbert Hosho appealed to the visiting UN special rapporteur to dig deeper on how the sanctions have affected ordinary citizens.

“We are happy that her coming coincide with this Anti-Sanctions Day and we hope and trust that the extent at which this embargo has driven millions into poverty should make the basis of her UN reports,” he said.

It is estimated that Zimbabwe has lost over US$40 billion over the last two decades owing to economic sanctions imposed by the West.

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