Zimbabwean Startup Yanaya launches its own Plant-Based Milk

By Loren Dondo

ZIMBABWEAN startup, healthy food bar, Yanaya has launched a new range of plant-based milk.

The new range is a first of its kind, considering the scarcity of local plant based dairy products.

The milk comes in old-school style glass bottles rather than plastic. They are reusable and much better for the environment.

It is exciting news in the sense that plant-based milks also have a much lower impact on the environment, as they use less water and land. This is a huge achievement in the country, towards keeping the environment eco-friendly.

Yanaya made sure to keep the milk range lactose and dairy free, 100% healthy for those who have not had the luxury to drink their tea with milk due to health issues.

As most of the plant-based products are imported from South Africa and Italy, it is an economic convenience to have our own local version. Given the country’s shortages with foreign currency it is a breakthrough.

Yanaya’s oat milk and other plant-based milks will be in stores from the 28th of October.

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