ZIMA 2022 set for February

By ZBC Reporter

ZIMA 2022 edition of the Zimbabwe Music Awards (ZIMA) is set for the 19th of February, with the organisers optimistic of a show with a difference after the industry was opened up.

The covid-19 induced lockdown resulted in digital space becoming the key platform for music performances and awards, and the 2021 edition of the national music awards ceremony, ZIMA, was no exception. 

However, with the reopening of bars which are a key enabler of music business, the 2022 edition is set to be a show with a difference.

“We are grateful to the government for reopening bars since bars and music cannot be separated. The opening of bars provides us with a wider pool of options on how we are going to host the event which is on the 19th of February. We are introducing new categories.”

A hybrid of a physical and virtual setting, the event will be held under the theme Rhythm, Roots and Cultural Diversity, inspired by the need to unite Zimbabwe’s diverse musical roots, rhythm and culture under one voice and sound. 

Entries will be opened between the first of November and the 31st of December.

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