Zim production wins Best Feature Film

By Loren Dondo

ZIMBABWE continues to make strides towards international stardom in the film industry, with a win for Shem Zemura’s latest production.

The producer’s film, Death & Other Complications made a mark at the Sotambe International Film & Arts Festival, with an award for Best Feature Film in Southern Africa.

It was among a list of 14 feature films which screened at the Sotambe International Film & Arts Festival.

Death and Other Complications, is a dark comedy, revolving around the shenanigans of a character named John, his lifestyle and how he reacts to situations when he is under pressure.

Admire Kuzhangaira, popularly known as Bhutisi, plays John.

Produced by award-winning filmmaker, Shem Zemura, the film has also been nominated  for the Best Feature film (southern Africa) award competing with two Zambian films, South African and Malawian films.

Zemura said the festival has given them an opportunity to prove that the local film industry was not dead.

“Having many films carefully chosen for screening at the biggest Zambian festival is a clear sign  that our quality is good. We are the oldest filmmaking African country and we remain the best,” he said.

“Regardless of discrimination by regional channels, lack of financial support from our ministries and lack of incentives from the local channels, independent Zimbabwean producers continue to make exceptional content that has been applauded by festivals in Africa and the rest of the world.”

The 32-year-old filmmaker said although having films nominated at some international festivals had not been of great benefit as of yet it was a step in the right direction.

Zemura is currently working on a family drama, “Time Will Tell” and a romantic comedy, “What Love Is”.

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