Khaby Lame reaches 100m followers on TikTok

KHABY Lame has officially reached 100 million followers on TikTok, becoming the first creator on the social network to hit the milestone.

Khaby, known as @khaby00 on tiktok, first started on the platform during a particularly difficult time in his life — Italy was in lockdown and he had just lost his job because of COVID-19.

His desire to make the most out of his situation and turn it into an opportunity to achieve his dream of making people laugh motivated him to start a TikTok account and share his first comedy videos.

In less than 17 months, Khaby has quickly become one of the most recognized and loved TikTok creators globally as he continues to use his unique creativity and sense of humor to spread joy to a global community.

The 21-year-old creator was born in Senegal and moved to Chivasso, Italy with his family when he was a year old.

Khaby’s net worth has also sky-rocketed. It’s estimated that the 21-year-old is worth between $1-$2 million (£722,165-£1,444,390).

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