Local designer’s date with Koffie Olomide

By ZBC Reporter

Local award winning fashion designer, John Mazhinye, recently designed the outfits worn by internationally acclaimed rhumba icon Koffie Olomide, Roki and the whole team involved in the production of Patati Patata.

He describes the development as the highlight of his career.

“I give credit to God. It’s so amazing that I was chosen to design for the team. Doing measurements for Koffie Olomide was an amazing experience on its own. It was a great honor and it was quite lucrative as well,” Mazhinye enthused.

Mazhinye, who runs SOG designs, has designed for several top celebrities who include Mbeu, Zaza, Winky D and Cindy Munyavi, among others.

Mazhinye has won two awards for best male apparel designer and two nominations for best brand.

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