Moments from Shona Ferguson’s memorial servive

A husband, father, icon, mentor and a man of great faith. That’s how the late Shona Ferguson was describes by friends and colleagues as they remembered his life during a memorial service. 

The actor died after a battle with Covid-19. The ceremony was hosted by actor Sello Maake Ka-Ncube, who shared what Shona meant to him. 

‘When I first got the news my head and mind went to death be not proud. Sho’s passing hit me hard,” he said. 

The memorial started off with a dedication video by Shona’s daughter Alicia Fergusons playing the piano for her father. She played two of his favourite pieces.

Messages of farewell were also sent by the cast and crew of The Queen, where actors and crew members shared their goodbye to Shona’s character, Jerry Maake.

“You will never be forgotten your impact will echo through the ages,” Sello said. 

His wife Connie Ferguson gave a touching, nostalgic speech about the time she and Shona met and the how that moment shaped their love story and entire lives.

“I have been loved by God more than I even thought was possible because God sent me an angel when I had given up on love. Lesedi was eight at the time, one evening very unexpectedly and an angel walked into my house. I heard his laughter, I wasn’t expecting any guests, my sister  had been dropped off by colleagues. 

“Something drew out my bedroom and I walked to the kitchen, there he was in a baggy suit. Our eyes locked,  he gave me this smile, he has the best smile. He was so confident,” she said.

“Today I choose to celebrate my husband, a giant. My husband was a showman not a show off, he walked into a room and you felt his presence. I’m still speaking of him in the presence because he’s in our hearts, my biggest struggle is that I wake up in the morning and I hope to see him, I miss his big hugs, his laugh. Nobody laughs like my husband.”

Connie also shared that her husband was the most underrated actor in the country and he wasn’t appreciated enough.

“I’m grateful that I can feel that he was loved by many. Ferguson Films will continue to grow from strength to strength, to my skat, my Laaitie, my love I thank God for you. He said everyday was a blessing, that’s a big lesson for all of us.

“I have no regrets just memories.  I thank you all for you prayers my family and I draw strength from that. I love Mr Sho, till we meet again.”

His childhood friend and media personality DJ Fresh shared the memories the two had while growing up in Botswana.

“One of the things I remember the most about him is his resilience. This man is memorable I have memories from the times we were 8 years old. He was a hunk even when we were 10, we rode our bikes and went bird hunting. Watching movies was a huge thing in Mam Fergies house, there were movies everywhere, I’m not surprised he ended up making them. Shona was life and let’s celebrate his life.

“Shona you left a big void in our hearts, Rest in peace and stay memorable,” DJ Fresh said.

SABC spokesperson David Makubyane said: “I used to say the Ferguson’s are the Perry’s of the South Africans. There is a lot to celebrate, he started at the SABC and he grew. He was a straight forward person and he had a lot of respect, condolences to the family. Trust the power of God.” 

Other celebrities also paid tribute to him. This is what they had to say. 

“He wore God so well. I had zero acting experience when I was shooting The Wild. I watched them and the ability to be super confident and yet be so humble to make the next person feel worthy. The two became one, filming the last season of Rockville and it was refreshing. On set every day I would watch him. He has opened himself up to be used as a vessel by God. To Sis Cons, thank you for being signs and wonders for God. Thank you for inspiring us and encouraging us, we are with you.”- Gail Malabane.

“I met him in 2007, Abuti Shona’s laughter would you let know that he was around.  Ferguson  Films was here to showcase your talent to the world. I appreciate the blessing and privileged to have Ferguson Films on my profile, when you work for a production house that never fails to show compassion. Your love has been inspiring to many of us, the love we witnessed as a love that human beings yearn for.”  – Tsolofelo Matsaba.

“Mr Sho lived out with his laughter, his warm hugs and he broke the stereotype of men not crying, when he received a call that his father was doing well, he cried. It was an honor to work with you.”- Zandile Msutwana.

“I love you Aus Connie, you and him were a match made in heaven. He was a great man. Thank you for introducing to the angel Uncle Sho was. Mr Sho was the most giving, prayerful person I’ve ever met. He was love, he was light and he showed a side of God.” – Enhle Mbali.

“We met (Connie) 26 years ago, outside the SABC and I cast you for Generations. I spoke to Shona a month ago and I wanted assistance and he was kind enough to help. I met Shona at your wedding, he came into the industry like a tornado. I buried my own sister this morning due to COVID, Connie in time you will heal and Shona will always be watching out for you.”- Mfundi Mvundla


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