The Weeknd Video for ‘Take My Breath’ Pulled From Imax Theaters

THE Weeknd’s new music video for “Take my breathe”, first previewed in an Olympics ad and on social media this week, has been pulled due to epilepsy warnings regarding to the “intense strobe lighting” in the clip.

The video was scheduled to air in Imax theaters before “Suicide Squad.”

The Weeknd posted the clip on Twitter, which features athletes Sydney McLaughlin, Dalilah Muhammad, Athing Mu and Gabby Thomas, along with the caption: “8.6.21 new single.” From the teaser, the song incorporates a pulsing synth-heavy groove and the hook, “Take my breath away,” a fitting motto for a promo showcasing lightning fast sprints.

The Weeknd further expanded on that concept in a cover story with GQ on Monday, saying it’s the album “he’s always wanted to make.”

When asked about what will make this album successful to him, the Weeknd told GQ: “What makes any of my albums a successful album, especially this one, is me putting it out and getting excited to make the next one.

So the excitement to make the next project means that this one was successful to me. I want to do this forever.

And even if I start getting into different mediums and different types of expressions, music will be right there. I’m not going to step away from it.”

The song, a first leading up to the Weeknd’s follow-up to his blockbuster “After Hours” album, will be released on Friday.


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