Museum of African Liberation: President approves design

By ZBC Reporter

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has approved the design for the Museum of African Liberation to be hosted by Zimbabwe.

The President approved the design of the envisaged Museum of African Liberation after familiarising with its components through a 3-dimension presentation made by the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works at State House this Thursday.

“The President has approved the design for the museum of African Liberation and in that regard construction of the museum is imminent and we are now mobilising all sectors of the country as well as international partners to commence with construction in a manner that will allow us to launch the museum in the next 18 months,” said Ambassador Kwame Muzawazi, INSTAK Chief Executive Officer, who are administering the project.

A group of designers and architects from South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia produced the design of the structure under the instruction of the Institute of African Knowledge, INSTAK.

The massive Pan-African structure is set to cost an estimated US$120 million and its design will be made public later this month.

Meanwhile, Switzerland has declared its support towards the Museum of African Liberation.

His Excellency Swiss Ambassador to Zimbabwe Niculin Jager revealed this after paying a courtesy call on President Mnangagwa at State House this Thursday.

“We believe that it is key to have access to documents that so far have not been shared with the public and we will make available documents from Switzerland and Swiss solidarity Movement which played a key role in supporting self-determination of African people.

The support that the embassy of Switzerland is providing is sharing knowledge, digitilisation and archiving as well as IT (Information Communication Technology).

It reflects our neutral but active solitary state which supports the self determination of African States and people. ”

The bi-lateral relations of Zimbabwe and Switzerland have been improving since the birth of the Second Republic. Switzerland supports the devolution agenda being implemented by government across the country.

The Museum of African Liberation seeks to document, preserve and protect the story of African liberation struggles from an African perspective.

18 African countries as well as Russia China Cuba and Switzerland have endorsed the project.

Zimbabwe as the host nation is set to benefit from the project through employment creation, increased package for the tourism sector while the rest of the world will benefit from the research center to be set up as part of the museum.

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