OSCARS: H.E.R. Wins Best Original Song for “Fight For You”

H.E.R, whose real name is Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson, has bagged an Oscar win at the 93rd Academy Awards.

During her acceptance speech, the singer was quick to thank her collaborators on the track “Fight for You”: “The song wouldn’t be what it was without them.”

H.E.R collaborated with D’Mile and Tiara Thomas for the “Fight for You” anthem which was nominated under the Best Original Song category.

The singer later took a moment to express the power music and film has to “tell the truth.”

“Musicians, filmmakers I believe we have an opportunity and responsibility, to me, to tell the truth and to write history the way that it was and how it connects us to today and what we see going on in the world today,” she said.

She added, “Knowledge is power, music is power and as long as I’m standing I’m always going to fight for us, I’m always going to fight for my people and fight for what’s right and I think that’s what music does and that’s what storytelling does.”

Backstage, H.E.R. noted how the win arrived at such a timely moment: “I couldn’t think of better timing to win something like this. This film is educating people. I know more about Black Panthers because of being a part of this film.”

After winning the golden statuette, the singer also reflected on how her being onstage winning can symbolize “a message to all the Black and Filipino girls that you can be up here too.”

“I am just happy to represent. I can’t believe I am here so I just hope there is another little girl out there going, ‘I can do that, too. I can be there one day.’ “

Having already secured a Grammy prior to the Oscar, H.E.R. also promised, “There is going to be an EGOT in my future… Hopefully you will see me up here for acting.”

The Hollywood Reporter

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