Chipinge man falls off bike after encounter with ‘UFO

By ZBC Reporter

A Chipinge man is recovering in hospital after falling from a motor cycle, having been scared by an instant flash light from an alleged unidentified flying object witnessed in parts of Chipinge and Chimanimani on Friday evening.

Now recovering from a leg injury after being admitted at Chipinge District Hospital on Saturday, 47-year-old Chipinge resident, Richman Myambo is yet to come to terms with what he saw on Friday evening following a strange unidentified flying object.

Myambo fell from a motorbike when he witnessed a strange instant flash light and a deafening sound that followed thereafter.

“I was travelling home on my motorbike at around 9am when I witnessed a strange light travelling in the sky. I tried to concentrate on riding, but what made me fall was the sound that followed after the light. I then fell on the bike due to panic. I thought I was dying.”

Myambo initially thought it was one of those weird moments encountered at night before noticing a rocket-like object.

“I was 100% sober, but I was so confused because I thought I had encountered those strange things people see in dark and thick forests. The object looked like a rocket with fire on its back.”

While authorities are yet to establish whether the unidentified flying object landed or not, the feature has set tongues wagging among Chipinge residents.

Residents claim to have seen a bright light that was followed by a huge blow sound and a shaking, while others describe the event as a collision of two stars.

Meanwhile, the district Meteorological Services Department confirmed that indeed the strange feature was witnessed but they are yet to release an official statement.

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