Woman drives away poverty by recycling used tyres

By ZBC Reporter

Zimbabweans are coming up with various innovative ways to make a living with the latest being used tyres which are being repurposed for reuse in other forms.

A survey conducted by ZBC News in Mutare revealed that most people throw away used tyres as they would have out lived their purpose with those in the tyre repair business pilling them up only to burn them later.

“I throw away used tyres because I have no use for them. I can’t keep them at home because I have no space,” one resident said.

Another said, “I just leave them at the garage I don’t see any reason to keep them.”

While others see trash in used tyres, the story is different for creative minds like Mrs Beauty Hughes who is turning trash into cash.

“I can turn tyres into furniture. Any tyre can work. But my ambition is go further in this tyre recycling. I can make stadiums turf using the rubber since it is not being used.

“We can also mix the rubber and sand and fill in our roads as they are in a bad state. With these tyre tables and stools it means we are going to reduce the amount of trees that are going to be cut down and preserve our forests,” she said.

Mrs Hughes, who also makes accessories such as handbags and shoes from plastics, says her dream is to empower other women.

She added, “I realised in Mutare there are a lot of plastics laying around and decided to use the plastic to make various accessories. I believe we are going to be able to empower a lot of people as we will need those who collect the tyres and plastics. We are going to boost informal traders in that way.”

She is not alone as others are getting used tyres off the streets by using them as a source of rubber to make sandals popularly known as ‘manyatera,’ beads, doormats and many other creative pieces of art.

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