Schools decongest classrooms

By ZBC Reporter

Schools are prioritising the safety of learners by reviewing class ratios and the learning process, as part of a transformative response to government’s directive for institutions to decongest their institutions.

Schools re-opened for non-examination classes this Monday to mark the return of learners after a long sabbatical.

So much has changed over the past year, and classes are adjusting to the new environment which will see numbers being reduced by adopting a rotational learning process to create a safe environment.

“We are upholding the safety guidelines against Covid-19 and we have reduced the number of pupils in each class. So, we are now rotating the classes so that we maintain social distancing among learners.

“For the lowest grades that is the ECD-A they will attend only on Thursday and Friday while the other group will attend from Monday Tuesday and Wednesday,” said Borrowdale Primary School Head, Mr Charles Chiseko.

“Indeed, we have come up with a learning phase. Our first batch of learners start at 730am and end at 1130am, while the other group starts at 1130am and end at 3pm,” echoed Churchill Boys High school Head, Mr Partson Mugwanda.

School authorities have pledged to adhere to the guidelines set by government to protect and guarantee the safety of learners.

Harvard Junior School Principal, Mrs Loice Magweva said, “If we follow the guidelines set by government and the Ministry of Health and Child Care we are not going to have any problems.

“So, our call as educationists is for schools to strictly adhere to all the measures outlined by government.”

The measures have also instilled confidence among parents.

“We are happy with this arrangement because it ensures the safety of our children. So, we support them on that,” said a parent.

Another added, “Limiting ma numbers Sure it’s a good move on the part of schools. They will be able to maintain social distancing.”

While the authorities are working to improve the learning environment, it is also incumbent upon students to be cognisant of the looming danger as Covid-19 remains a threat.

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