Ray Vines ventures into movies


POPULAR comedian Melusi Chiripowako popularly known as Ray Vines has moved from making skits, ventures into movies.

Ray Vines who recently launched a short films and music project called Ghetto2Sabhabha which is trending on various social media platforms.

Speaking during a show, The Centre Stage at ZBC’s Power FM, Vines described his shirt new offering as a “short movie” that and show cases the daily life and struggles faced by ghetto youths, and also encourages them to be confident.

“I have new a series\short film called Ghetto2Sabhabha which showcases the daily life experiences of ghetto youths trying to make it to the top.” said Vines.

“My success is driven by passion, which why I am now venturing into movies and short films, I want to see more of the people my age strive to be better people,” he said.

Vines who recently had a fall out with up and coming artist Holy Ten born Mukudzei Chitsama, when he said his new album was ‘trash’, he has made a ‘U’ turn saying he loves Holy Ten’s music, his sound is better than other Hip Hop artist’s sounds and that he has upgraded the sound that has been there.

“I love Holy Ten’s born music, infact he has actually apgraded the sounds we have been listen to in Zimbabwe which is now old,” he added.

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