Chombo to spend night behind bars

By ZBC Reporter

FORMER Cabinet Minister Ignatius Chombo has appeared in court facing allegations of fraud and criminal abuse of office.

Chombo was arrested on Monday for corruption related charges emanating from the findings in the Uchena Land Commission Report.

The state led by Mr Charles Muchemwa and Mr Ephraim Zinyandu opposed Chombo’s application for bail indicating that he is a man of means who has numerous connections outside the country and will evade justice if granted bail.

The state also submitted that his charges are of a serious nature, hence detention is highly proper.

The accused is facing charges of fraud and five counts of criminal abuse of office.

According to the state papers, Chombo allegedly abused his position as Minister of Local Government after convincing desperate home seekers to deposit various amounts of money into his personal account for land development which was never carried out.

The state alleges that Chombo promised to allocate the home-seekers pieces of land at Kia Ora Farm under Zvimba Rural District Council.

The court also heard that during the same period, Chombo used his influence as Minister and allocated himself 125 stands in Haydon Park and another five at Philadelphia Farm in Harare.

The Former Cabinet Minister is also accused of allocating stands to his companies – Comverol Enterprise (Pvt) Ltd, Cayford and Cavford (Pvt) Ltd at Carrick Creagh Farm in Harare without paying for the pieces of land.

Chombo will be back in court this Thursday.

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