ZBC warms up to World Radio Day

By ZBC Reporter

The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) has warmed up to World Radio Day commemorations slated for this Saturday, with the informative and educative role of the national broadcaster’s radio stations in the COVID-19 era coming under the spotlight.

World Radio Day will be commemorated for the 110th amid focus on how radio has transformed lives through playing its informative, educative and entertainment roles.

On the eve of the day, ZBC reflected on the journey travelled so far and how the national broadcaster’s six radio stations have stepped up to the challenge during the COVID-19 era.

“As the United Nations notes , radio is the most powerful tool of communication in the World, as ZBC we also appreciate the critical role our six radio stations have played in warning people about impending disasters such as cyclones and floods, reaching all parts of the country and in every language spoken in Zimbabwe.”

ZBC’s radio stations spent the better part of the day warming up to the commemorations.

This year’s commemorations will run virtually in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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