Min of Health speaks on correct usage and types of face masks

By ZBC Reporter

THE World Health Organisation says inasmuch as masking up and social distancing are part of guidelines to contain the spread of Covid-19, they can only work if done in the correct way.

Speaking to ZBC News, Ministry of Health and Child Care Director Nursing Services Dr Lilian Dzobo elaborated on the types of material used in making face masks.  

A face mask can limit the transmission of Covid-19 by retaining droplets from an infected person. A face mask should have three layers and the first layer should be water-resistant and the innermost layer should also be able to retain the moisture, she said.

Dr Dzobo  also said masks should thus be properly worn at all times if ever the world is entertaining any hopes of conquering the Covid-19 pandemic.

The general public tends to relax you need to be putting on a mask every time. Even at home when you receive visitors put on your masks and always remember that it’s not just about wearing a mask but properly wearing it, she added.

In response to increased COVID infections, the government instituted a level 4 nationwide lockdown on January 5.

Curfew is in effect from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m, international air travel is still permitted, subject to testing requirements.

Masks and social distancing are mandatory. People must wear face masks in public failure which will attract prosecution or a fine.

At present, Zimbabwe like many countries in the world is battling the new Corona Virus variant with cases standing at 32 304,23 687 recoveries and 1 122 deaths.

The country’s recovery rate is at 73.2%.

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