Rooftop Promotions fights COVID-19 through art

By ZBC Reporter

THE fight against COVID-19 through art has intensified with Rooftop Promotions, coming up with a film that raises awareness on the pandemic.

The production, Chipo the Gift season 2 which was produced by Daves Guzha and directed by Nakai Tsuro explores various themes, among them issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The series looks at how society views Covid-19. Some are ignorant and some are in denial. Some still think that blacks are immune to the disease and they behave like everything is normal. Some are failing to adjust to the new normal. The cast managed to interpret their roles perfectly, which makes the series very exciting,” he said.

Rooftop Promotions Communications Officer, Passmore Ndlovu noted that a film is an effective tool for educating the public on various issues including Covid-19.

“With the absence of live shows during this lockdown period, the film is the best form of entertainment since it keeps people glued to their screens. The film is also one of the best ways to tackle issues that affect our communities,” he said.

Chipo The Gift which stars veteran actors and actresses will be aired every Tuesday on ZBCTV at 19:30hours from this week.

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