‘I Haven’t Joined The Illuminati’, Enzo

By Beauty Runako Silindiwa
Zimdancehall sensation Enzo Ishall latest offering has been met with quite a lot of controversy and in the latest the chanter has rubbished rumors that he has been initiated into the occult by flamboyant Prophet Passion Java and he is now one the prophet’s minions.
His latest song Highest Score is under Passion Java records after the prophet reportedly bought out Enzo’s contract from Chillspot Records. Java also features on the video of Highest Score.
Tongues went waging whent Enzo and Passion were spotted wearing matching belts with some fuelling rumors that the symbols on the belt are occultic.
Speaking to a daily publication, Enzo denied speculation that he has been initiated into Illuminati. He said:
“Imagine people saying I have been initiated into Illuminati because I have worked with Passion. These are comments by people who hate him and, in the process, direct their anger at me.”
The ‘Kanjiva’ hitmaker also noted that Passion has also worked with other Zimdancehall artists such as Soul Jah Love, Bazooka, Pumacol among many others and he is not the only one.
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