“I want an apology from Nox”

By Lisa Masuku

Zimdancehall Chanter Jay C, the man who previously dated Nox’s current girlfriend Tallyn, has demanded for an apology from the urban grooves star who recently released a diss track directed to him.

The star poured his heart out during an interview on #CentreStage with Chamvary after the South Africa based singer, Nox composed a song titled Waimutambisa featuring Freeman directed at him

He said he wants an apology from Nox because what Nox  did was to damage his image to his fans and so the apology is mainly for the fans.

“The only way to move forward would be for Nox to go back to the print media and apologise the very same way he went to them when he released his diss song because if we just settle things between the two of us the fans will not  know or understand, “said Jay C.




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