Power FM pays homage to Urban Grooves with Throw Back Grooves


By Lisa Masuku

Power FM being the radio station that played a great role in popularising urban grooves is  dedicating the month of June to celebrating  20years  of Urban Grooves under the theme “Throw back Grooves”

The “Throw Back Grooves” are meant to uncover layers of nostalgia within music lovers by taking them through the 20year  urban grooves journey.

This is  a way of paying home age to the station’s humble roots and the  artists that made Power FM to be the biggest  urban youth radio station.

The origins of the Urban Grooves genre of music are entwined with the DNA of Power FM Zimbabwe. At the birth of Urban Grooves in 1999, Radio 3 was transitioning into 3FM. The station was the first to play the sound that was become Urban Grooves and by 2001, the station began to heavily push the sound of the young artists. The station rebranded to Power FM inJanuary 2004 and cemented its role of the being the radio station that pushed urban music in Zimbabwe.

The sound of Urban Grooves cannot be separated from great producers like Delani Makhalima ,DJ Maraz , MacDee , Russo ,TBA , Take Five , Tony G , Action Jackson and many others. Musicians like Maskiri , Roy and Royce, Roki , Sani ,POY, POZEE,Sbu Leornard Mapfumo ,
ExQ, Plaxedes Wenyika , Otis Ngwabi ,Khuxman , 2BG , David Chifunyise , Trinity , Sniper Winky D, Alexio kawara, Dicebel , Tambudzai , Ngonie Kambarami , Trevor Dongo , and many more. The list is endless. Power FM was the only station playing Urban Grooves and became the custodian of the music genre.

Over the years, Power FM has remained the radio station that celebrates local artists and has remained true to its nostalgic roots of playing Urban Grooves.

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