Freeman to collaborate with Takura

By Runako Silindiwa

After going low for the past two years Freeman is back with fireworks for 2019.

Better known as the HKD Boss, Freeman real name Slyvester Emegy Chizanga said he has been working on his music and promises explosive songs including a collaboration with Takura and an album release set for August.

“I have not been quiet for the past two years rather I have been working on my music, a dope single which is a collaboration with Takura is coming out before my album in August”, said Freeman

The album title has not been made known to the public as yet but will contain ten tracks including a gospel track.

Apart from that the Hatinyare Kudefender Dangerzone (HKD) family will welcome a new member named Black Worrior on the album release in August.

The HKD Boss said,” The HKD family will welcome a new artist in August who is part of the album release, his name is Black Worrior and he is very talented”.

Including this new addition the HKD family will now have seven artists

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