A rising star


By Runako Beauty Silindiwa

Born Jacqueline Sharron Arifandika on the 18th of August 1988 her stage name translating to Aejay August she has vocals set for an international standard.

Speaking to Chamvary on the Launch Pad yesterday the songbird started music at a very young age. She wrote her first song at 12.

“I started doing music when I was very young and wrote my first song when I was 12 years old and it was called my love is deep, “she said.

She went on to create a group with her brothers in 2008 called Smart family and did two albums titled ‘The only one‘ and ‘It’s just the beginning‘.

Aejay stopped doing music for a while and went back to school and came back in 2018 with ‘Muka ubike doro’ and recently ‘Mahumbwe’ with Oskid Productions.

“From The Smart family I stopped doing music for a while so as to go back to school. In 2018 I decided to go back to music and released an album called Muka ubike doro and then in 2019 I released another album called Mahumbwe all my albums where produced by Oskid production” said Aejay

Going into the future Aejay is working on a ten track album which she is planning to release by August.

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