Gemma Gets Interviewed by Chamvary, Talks Why she performs barefooted, Upcoming album, Childhood Nicknames & More:

By Lisa Masuku

GEMMA Griffiths is currently one of the most  celebrated, trending and powerful  female artist in the Zimbabwean entertainment industry.  Her fame escalated after the release of Mugarden, a hit song she did with Winky D which has become an anthem to most Zimbabweans.

The songbird shared some insights on why she is always barefooted on stage. She also highlighted some details of her upcoming album and some of her childhood nicknames in a question and answer session on Centrestage with Chamvary.

“I never wear shoes on stage, am comfortable on stage without shoes,” said Griffiths in response to Chamvary’s question pertaining to the reason why in all her stage performances she is usually barefooted.

In answering Chamvary as to what she has in store for her fans for 2019, Griffiths revealed she is currently doing a road trip searching for some inspiration, however she highlighted her next offering will be more of a Christmas present to her fans.

“I am currently looking for some inspiration by embarking on a roadtrip. The music is in the road. My fans should expect something to dance to in December, ” she said.

Asked if she had any childhood nicknames, the singer revealed her mother calls her Beany and that she  also has a Shona name Zayi  which means egg. She explained the name came about because her parents conceived her through In Vitro Fertilisation  (IVF)




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