7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skip The Big Breakfast Show

Elder Squila and Butterphly


        1. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

  1.         You get a daily dose of whats cooking on air, from the hot topics to the cool music.The big breakfast show is guaranteed to keep you wanting more with laughter. So don’t skip!

    2.  Sets your Day on a High note

    This is especially important if you are raising a family. With the growing number of health concerns, setting a positive and healthy example for your kids is so crucial to their continued health and awareness as they get older. Show them the importance of healthy nutrition and don’t skip the most important meal of the day: breakfast.

    3. Improves Mood

    If you wake up moody, grumpy or even sad you are guaranteed of a mood boost by the big breakfast duo. They definitely will send your mood on a high note because they are loud, fun and funky. This team definitely brings it like its never been brung, and for this reason all your morning are guaranteed to be bright and fun.


    4.  Better Knowledge about Fun facts

    The big breakfast team hosts a program  or show called 5 things you need to know, this show is a general knowledge booster. Power FM being a youth station, there is  edutainment about weird, crazy facts.

    5. Keeps You Entertained

    People who don’t tune into the big breakfast show tend to miss out on a jam packed breakfast that is served by the baddest powerfm duo: Butterphlyphunk and Elder Squaila.


    6.   Hot Gossip Updates .

    Butterphly and Elder Squila are very much aware of how much listeners are thirsty for gossip. As such, they got radio lover covered. They cover it all, human interest stories to stories that are in the public interest, so there is no excuse for one to miss a day of served big breakfast by the big two breakfast power FM  personalities.

    6. Updates on trendy Stories

    The big breakfast show is  best the way to kick-start your morning everyday because it is a  also  catch platform  about captivating news stories that are happening in across the globe

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