ChillSpot sets the record straight on their “deal” with Enzo Ishall

By Lisa Masuku

Chillspot Recordz took time to clear up any misunderstandings about their deal with hot Zimdancehall star of the moment, Enzo Ishall.

In an interview on Power FM yesterday with Chamvary, Chillspot Recordz dismissed rumours that they are exploiting the Kanjiva hit maker.

This comes after reports surfaced that the record stable is milking the star, which the stable has dismissed as completely false.

“Chillspot is not milking Enzo, journalists of a certain media house are the ones trying to pull down Chillspot Recordz,”said Levels, the co-Chief Executive Officer of the record stable.

Levels revealed that Enzo receives a large chunk of 80percent from each and every deal that the stable does, the record company only retains 20percent which is then shared amongst the whole chill Spot record family.

“Enzo gets 80percent for each and every deal that the label gets for him,” said Levels

He also added that since they have cleared the air concerning the record label’s deal with Enzo they do not expect silly questions to be raised by the public about the stable and its dealings with its artists.

“I hope this is the last time we get these silly questions,” he said.

Co-CEO of Chillspot Recordz: Levels



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