Vimbai Zimuto opens up about why she stripped naked

By Lisa Masuku

Despite receiving a lot of backlash and being labelled a disgrace to womanhood by choosing to go nude on camera and baring it all on social media for the world to see, the controversial songstress Vimbai  Zimuto is not moved by the criticism as she revealed she has a bigger story to tell.

Chatting to radio presenter Chamvary on Power FM Zimbabwe , Zimuto opened up about how she suffered sexual abuse at the age of three years. She explained she is narrating her ordeal through the nude pictures.

“It is a story I want to tell through my pictures,” said Zimuto.

She went on to  stress that before anything else people should understand  she is not just a musician she is an artist.

“I am an artist, art lives in me. Art is about expression. So when you strip naked. It is a loud voice of cry, sadness of being stripped bare,” said the queen of controversy.

For the songstress and mother of two the nude pictures are her way of claiming back her power and ability to speak out.

“It is me saying I have been stripped off my dignity but now um letting it all out because back then when I suffered sexual abuse I didn’t feel I could express myself,”   she said.

Vimbai Zimuto



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