Tuku daughters pledge to uphold their father’s legacy

By Ashleigh Wenyika

Social media has been awash with squabbles that are supposedly going on in the late legendary Tuku’s household on who will uphold and keep the legend’s legacy alive, however today for the very first time after their father’s passing Selmor and Sandra Mtukudzi in an exclusive interview with Chamvary on Power FM revealed they will be hosting a concert as a way to keep their father’s legacy alive.

The concert is meant to forever uphold Tuku’s legacy and keep his spirit alive.

“All we want is to keep his music and performing spirit alive, “said Selmor.

They have gone on social media to ask fans to propose songs they would want them to perform at the concert as it is proving to be a  challenge picking and deciding which ones to perform.

“The only challenge we have now is deciding the playlist from his rich catalogue, We have gone on social media to ask people for the songs that they’d want to hear so that we can all enjoy,” said Sandra.

The concert will be held on the 29th of March at Mlambo concert with acts from Andy Muridzo and Jah Seed from Bongo, Jah Signal, Sulu Steve Makoni, Sasha and many more.

Tuku’s daughters urged their father’s fans to come out in numbers on the day of the concept in honour and celebration of Tuku’s music and legacy

“To our father’s fans I hope to see you on the 29th of March, the concert is going to be amazing,” Said Selmor


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