Winky D breaks Jah Prayzah’s Youtube record

Winky D

FOLKS the Gafa is fast moving towards surpassing Jah Prayzah in terms of views on YouTube as his music video MuGarden is less than 20 000 views to reach Musoja’s Kune Rima.

Winky D yesterday released the music video on YouTube, 48 hours after Jah Prayzah.

MuGarden, features Gemma Griffiths, sits on over 242 000 while Jah Prayzah’s is on close to 260 000 views. Perhaps by tomorrow morning they’ll be at par or Winky D will be on 300 000. Judging by how its trending, it is predicted in less than a week Winky D’s music video will be on one million views.

SOURCE: Chronicle

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