NEW SONG ALERT: Winky D and Gemma MuGarden

By Ashleigh Wenyika

Winky D releases a Valentine’s Day track featuring Gemma Griffiths titled MuGarden with a surprise video.

Winky D had announced that he would be releasing a song on Valentine’s Day, a love single produced by Prince ‘Oskid’ Tapfuma.

In a telephone interview with Winky D’s manager Elder Banda said the Gafa president had a great time working with Gemma Griffiths.

“It was a great experience working with Gemma.” said Banda

Banda went on to say that Gemma Griffins is a fan of the Gafa President.

‘She is inspired by works of Winky D, ’’he said.

Gemma Griffiths did a cover for Winky D’s hit song ‘Musarova Bigman.’






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