5 reasons why we love Jah Prayzah

By Lisa Masuku

Since Jah Prayzah came into the music scene in 2004  he has had a seriously impressive career that has really been blossoming pretty well for over a decade but, it has not always  been rosy.  He  faced a number of hurdles that have seen him stand the test of time from the moment he came into the music scene till to date.

According to Jah Prayzah, rejection was one of the challenges that he encountered at the beginning of his career  and that motivated him to work extra hard.  He attributes his flourishing  and  tremendous growth in the music industry  to hard work and dedication. For this reason we can’t help but love him, here’s why

Some extracts from his interview with Chamvary on Lunch Time Radio.

  1. Jah Prayzah has achieved a lot- he has is collaborated with a lot of a big names in the African Music Industry and he even has awards to show for it.
  2. He is not afraid of experimenting and when he does he puts his all and delivers awesome music . “Ronika was an experiment,  I moved away from the usually Jah Prayzah that is known by everyone and went on to release a  club song.”
  3. He is true/loyal to his roots and his fans-  “When I did the Chitubu album it was a response to my local fans because they make me who I am. I  love my fans and I so very  much appreciate the love and support they give me.”
  4. Jah prazah is a versatile artists- “Jah Prayzah is not confined to one genre, as an artist I do not box myself to a certain type of music.”
  5. Despite his busy schedule he remains a dedicated amazing Dad and husband.                                 “You know  how daughters need their father….I love spending quality time with my daughters so I make it a point that no matter what am always there when they need me.”


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