#PowerPersonlityOfTheWeek: Get to know Eltee

By Eltee 

Dj Eltee #skirimoto (born 28 January) is an ultimate radio personality who always had passion for a carrier in media at a very tender age, upon listening to various big radio broadcasters on PowerFM which was then Radio 3.
It took so much courage to audition amongst hundreds of people who had came through to get this same job and you could even hear some saying ‘vane vanhu vavo kudhara ava’ but it was all worth it!
I feel like I have the best job in the world every single day for the sole reason that it is just so much FUN! My best radio moments are when i get to hear from the listeners who will be enjoying what i will be doing it’s the best feeling ever.
Eltee looks forward to change the Zimbabwean radio game through his modern ghetto salad feel.
· My CLOTHING style: I’m into casual formal.
· My type of MUSIC: Everything good for the ears with a bit of bias towards afro pop music.
· My type of FOOD: Sadza and Zondo
· My type of CAR: Mercedes-Benz
· My type of SPORT: Basketball
· What I READ: Anything motivational

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