Jah Prayzah a contemporary music Giant.

By Lisa Masuku

When we were first introduced to Jah Prayzah in  2007, no-one could have anticipated that he would grow to be a house hold name.

Arguably, Jah Prayzah  has become  one of the biggest  contemporary stars in  Zimbabwe who continues to  enjoy a flourishing career in the music scene locally and across the continent. His music  has a bigger cultural impact. This has played a great role in helping him stand the test of time. His  new album Chitubu which he launched on the 2nd of November  is also a testament to this.

The man of the moment’s new album is fire, especially  Dzamutsana. The song could be on its way to becoming an anthem as it  is proving to be a hit.

The love song is encompassed with good story telling with a display and portrayal of cultural beliefs through its lyrics and the visuals. Jah Prayzah is seen chasing after a girl but the father of the girl is against the relationship. which is typical of what happens in Zim Culture. The concept of the video  of Dzamutsana has a reflection on the beauty of Zimbabwe’s customary beliefs and values.





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