Andy Muridzo’s bedroom shenanigans.


By Lisa Masuku

The past week was filled with plenty of drama and speculation about the music star Andy Muridzo’s  bedroom wars.

His bedroom linen was laid bare for  public display after he was busted by his wife at his supposedly small house’s lodgings. All eyes have been on him for  the wrong reasons.

After  being busted he took to Facebook to air out his side of the story making it clear that his fans have no right or what so ever to judge him about what is going on in his personal life.

However, by so doing he opened a can of worms as his fans were not enticed at all with his rude behavior on his Facebook live video where he did not show remorse for his cheating shenanigans.

In an exclusive interview today  on The bigbreakfast show  Muridzo told the breakfast team that  the public was quick to come up with conclusions. As such, he felt he was not given a chance to explain his  side of the story.

“You know how it is when such things happen everyone is quick to sympathize with the wife. No one bothers to try and under stand the man’s side of the story,” said the multi-talented musician.







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