#PowerPersonalityOfTheWeek: Prometheus

Prometheus is a passionate about hip-hop and has always had a passion to give the young ones a chance to shine. He is driven by the desire to give people a chance.
2006 -2012 Hip-hop artist
Released over 10 albums
Hits include “The King is Back” in 2008
Worked with various artists including Mariachi, Dizzy Don, Ngoni Kambarami, James Adams, Take 5
2002 to date Music producer
2011: Started a Hip-hop e-Magazine and Compilation called Zim Hip- hop unleashed in 2011 with Tendai Tanga
2011: Co-organised the first Zim Hip-hop Awards in 2011 with Tendai Tanga, Anonzi Xndr and Aldrian Harrison
2012 – 2016 Presenter on ZBC TV YGT’s Voicebox
2012 – 2016 Presenter on ZBC TV YGT’s Zim Hip-hop Report
2014: Started a WhatsApp hip-hop podcast called Zim Rap Cities which would feature local hip-hop from across the country. This led to the releas of various compilations, the most recent being Queens of Hip-hop Volume 3 which showcases the female hip-hop artists in the country.
2015: Commissioned to produce a hip-hop TV Show called Zim Rap Cities. The show was broadcast on ZBC TV from February 2015 to July 2015
2016: Guest DJ on PowerFM co-presenting Zim Hip-Hop Amlified and Hip-Hop Bassment with Chuman.
2017: Currently producing a drama series, Shine FM, telling the story of artists and most of the actors are hip-hop artists.ower

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