Tytan and Olinda speak out about social media rumours in an exclusive with Power FM

Those who thought the union between “Zim Celeb Couple” Olinda and Tytan and had hit rock bottom were in for a big shocker today on the big breakfast show on Power Fm when the lovebirds stressed that the social media flirting shenanigans by the later were a closed chapter in their marital life and they were not going to allow that to destroy their marriage.

The marriage between the two was recently rocked by flirting scandals of Tytan that were all over Facebook. During the course of the whole social media squabble Olinda had gone on to drop her marital surname on her social media accounts. This, therefore created an impression that there were irreconcilable differences between the two. Hence, the assumption that the celeb couple’s matrimonial could be headed for destruction.

However, during the interview the Nkomos set the record straight as they were all cosy. It was quite clear they are still hypnotized by each other. The couple revealed that like any other marriage they have their ups and downs too and what is of great importance are the lessons they take from that.

There is no doubt in the general populace that the pair is fighting hard to justify their union. Their relationship is filled with a lot of contempt.  The two lovebirds in the public eye are viewed as a couple which is doomed.  To make matters worse Tytan is seen as being in it for the money.

This was shown by a string of Facebook messages which came up during a live stream of the interview

You can read more of the comments here:  https://www.facebook.com/PowerFMZimbabwe/videos/406171746577138/


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