Brickz wants to tell the story of what he went through in jail

Kwaito star and convicted rapist Sipho “Brickz” Ndlovu is using his recent setbacks to focus on new music and on being a better father.

The singer, who has been at the centre of a backlash after receiving an invite to perform at the Mzansi Kwaito and House Music Awards (MKHMA), said he was not fazed by the storm created by his appearance.

The MKHMA were met with a lot of resistance after announcing Ndlovu’s performance at the nominations ceremony.

Ntsiki Mazwai, Simphiwe Dana and Rosie Motene were among the vocal tweeps who questioned CEO Perfecta Khumalo’s invitation to him.

Brickz was found guilty of raping his niece in 2013 and sentenced to 15 years in prison in 2017. He is out on bail now, pending his appeal.

But a determined Bricks said he has been working on new music ever since his release from prison and he wants to tell the story of what he went through during his court case, in jail and being rejected by people.

“Now that I come from a very dark place, a place where no one would like to go, a place which has gangsters and hardcore criminals, my new inspiration behind the music is all the things I have been through for four years.

“Everything that I have learnt and seen; I got time to sit down and write about it all. My inspiration is just everything that has been happening in prison, when I was in solitary confinement, making sure that when I come back people get to know about this life and I get to tell them about my experiences,” he says.

Although the artist said it was too soon to speak about his trial, he did, however, protest his innocence, saying that one day all would be revealed.

“What I went through could have happened to anyone. During that time I just told myself that I had to face it. Whatever comes, I must face it.”

When asked what type of role model he wants to be now, he said he wasn’t interested in being one but just wanted to be a good father to his children.

“My kids are the closest people who could see the real me. So if I sell myself the idea of being a role model, it will make me work hard to be perfect and that will kill me,” he said.

“I am still a human being, I make mistakes and will still make mistakes. The only thing I am not going to get stuck on is regret. If I have done anything wrong, I am going to ask for forgiveness.”

After Khumalo explained that her decision to invite Brickz to the Mzansi Kwaito and House Music Awards was based solely on the fact that he owed them money, she was labelled as a person who “puts profits before ethics”.

“I clarified that I wanted Brickz to perform because he owed us. We don’t have money, therefore there are no profits,” said Khumalo.

“I know that people were offended about Brickz being part of the performance line-up but I still say I believe in giving people second chances. But at the same time as a woman, I say no to woman abuse or rape. I stand tall on that point because I am a mother and a woman and, therefore, stand with other women.”The Mzansi Kwaito and House Music Awards are scheduled to be held at Carnival City in Joburg on November 24.


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