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Tendayi Zonde, better known as Prometheus, has been in the music industry for more than 10 years now as both a producer and an artist.  Zimbabwe first heard of him mid-2002 when he featured on Keisha’s very popular song “Loving you”.  The song was such a hit that it was number 6 on the then 3FM chart.  Prometheus featured on other artists’ songs and did a lot more producing at his studio Mabhururu Digital Studio.  In 2005 he produced Nox’s debut album “Wandipengesa”.

In 2006, Prometheus released his debut album “Diagnostic Tools”.  There were a couple of hits from this album; “Constantly” featuring Faz and Julip and “Fight Club” featuring Faz, G-Tak, Julip and Noel G.  He followed this up in 2007 with the album “Life Extension”.

2008 saw Prometheus releasing arguably his most successful album “Freedom of Thought”.  The album has one of his most popular songs, “The King is back”.  The song was getting massive airplay as a single, long before the album was finished.  Prometheus featured Julip and Alkamai on that song.  He capitalised on the success of “The King is Back” by doing a remix calling it “Return of the King” which featured Mariachi, Alkamai and Liqid.  “Return of the King” went on to eclipse the popularity of “The King is back”.  “Return of the King” is found on Prometheus’ fourth album called “End of History” released in 2009.  Other songs found on “End of history” include “Summertym” featuring Sharon and “Unite Zimbabwe” featuring Mathias Julius and Julip.

Early 2010 saw Prometheus releasing a ‘best of’ album called “Providence” and then later in the year he released an album of brand new tracks called “Burden”. In 2011 he released “Vertigo” which received a fair amount of airplay.  The album included songs like “Hip-hop Begin”, “Chindipa Rudo”, “Radioactive” featuring Mariachi and Julip and “M.O.V.E” featuring Faz, Black Bird, Mizchiv and Yung Jazz.  Later in 2011, Prometheus, overwhelmed by inspiration released yet another album called “This is Afrika”.  This has one of the most popular hip-hop songs of 2011 called “We shining” featuring Mariachi and Julip.  “We shining” did so well that it was on the Power FM Top 100 Chart.  “This is my Home” also did very well on the airwaves which he featured Julip and MC Cut.

In between working on his two albums, Prometheus also produced Karizma’s album “Force of Impact”.Prometheus continues to make music and push local hip-hop.  In June 2012 he released his album “No More Hungah” and shot a video for “Empty Pockets Speak” featuring Karizma and MC Cut.  He also shot a video for “We shining (remix)” featuring Karizma. In June 2014 he released his last album “Titan Moon”.

Prometheus has produced billboard soundtracks and theme songs for local dramas that have been aired on ZBC TV. In 2012 he produced the billboard soundtrack for YGT and theme songs for the dramas; Shanique, 23 Msasa Avenue, Battle for Sinoia and in 2014, The Other Brother. He also had a supporting role in the drama The Other Brother. He later on became a judge on the talent show Voice-box & hosted a hip-hop show ZIM HIP-HOP REPORT on YGT.

Since April 2014 Prometheus has been promoting hip-hop from all over Zimbabwe using the platform ZIM RAP CITIES. The podcasts are shared via WhatsApp. He has also been a guest on the programme Be Amazing, a programme which showcases people promoting the youth in Zimbabwe.

In February 2015, Prometheus produced 13 episodes of the television show Zim Rap Cities which was broadcast on ZBC TV. The show showcased local hip-hop by broadcasting videos by Zimbabwean hip-hop artists and the show proved very popular with the Zimbabwean public. In the same year Prometheus received BEST HIP-HOP JOURNALIST (TV) award at the Zim

2018, Prometheus is currently a deejay on Powerfm radio proudly hosting THE HIP-HOP BASSMENT every Friday from 9pm to 12midnight. THE WAKE UP SHOW every Monday & Wednesday from 12midnight. Every Tuesday from 3am.

Facebook: DJ PROMETHEUS MEKENYENYE, Twitter @prometheuszw


2006:    Diagnostic Tools

2007:    Life Extension

2008:    Freedom of Thought

2009:    End of History

2010:    Providence

2010:    Burden

2011:    Vertigo

2011:    This is Afrika

2012:    No More Hungah

2013:    Titan Moon


YGT – Voicebox – Resident judge

YGT – Zim Hip-hop Report host

The Other Brother (Acting role)

Be Amazing (Guest)

Zim Rap Cities Presenter

Deejay on Powerfm

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