Power Personality of the week – The very colorful Butterphly

Full name:                         Tariro Sarudzai Mharapara

Nationality:                        Zimbabwean

Brand Name:                      Butterphly Phunk

Age:                                 27

Date of Birth:                      06/06/1990

Place of Birth:                   Harare

City:                                 Harare

Country:                           Zimbabwe

Profession/Occupation:        Radio and Television Presenter/Producer , MCee , DJ , Writer

Current Work:                     Radio and Television Presenter/Producer

Previous Shows:                 Big Brother Africa Season 9 Finalist.

                                                Daily Chart Show (Power Fm)

Current Shows:                  Coke On The Beat (ZTV)

                                                The Big Breakfast Show – Power FM

 Butterphly The Brand

Social Media:  Butterphly Phunkhas +10993 likes on Facebook

                        @ButterphlyPhunk has +11294 followers on Twitter

                        @ButterphlyPhunk has +7070 followers on Instagram

History:               Butterphly auditioned to be a Radio Presenter in 2010 when she was just 19. By early 2011 she had been promoted to a prime slot during lunch time on the nation’s biggest radio station, Power Fm. There was no stopping; in 2012-2013 she was promoted yet again to Drive Time Radio an even bigger slot. Towards the end of 2013 she briefly worked during the early hours of the morning, she soon went back to her afternoon slot. At this time she auditioned for Coke On The Beat along with some of Zimbabwe’s top hotshots. She got the role of Television Presenting. Not long after, Butterphly auditioned for Big Brother Africa and qualified as 1 of 26 other housemates for Africa’s biggest reality show. On her return she was elevated to the biggest show on Power Fm, the Breakfast Show. After running the show for almost a year, Butterphly realized she wanted more, much more. It was then that she decided to resign from her full time position and was reemployed on a part time basis. All this was so she could focus on her numerous dreams that went far beyond just being a radio presenter. These include starting a fashion line and the production and performing of music among other things. It was at that point she started presenting the DAILY TOP 10 on the Power Drive on Power FM. In 2017 she became a fulltime presenter once more and focused more in that field. She once again landed the biggest show on radio doing the Double Xpresso on the Power FM breakfast slot. She continued to shine as the funky and fresh presenter on the popular Coke On The Beat television show

. Personal

Short Biography of Butterphly

She has always been that kid EVERYBODY stares at. Primarily because she rebel against mediocrity, she did not like being average. She is humble; this is what keeps her in check as a Radio and Television Presenter. Creativity is in her blood, soul and the air she breathes. Her interests are heavily invested in Music, Poetry, Fashion, Food and Cinematography.

The Meaning Of Names

Tariro means ‘Hope’ in Shona

Sarudzai means ‘Choose’ in Shona

She says, ‘I chose the name “Butterphly” because it personifies my life story. I went from being a plain barely noticed individual to being a bright vibrant personality that stands out. Like a butterfly starts out as a caterpillar then turns into a butterfly.’

Interesting Facts

Her hero is…Her Mother

Favorite quote…God can turn any great MESS into greatness

She can’t live without…LOVE, faith and hope.

Hobbies/interests…She writes stories, reads a lot, and loves taking photographs of unique things in humans and nature. She writes and performs poetry. Butterphly really loves cooking.

If she had a superpower, it would be…a total combination of all the superpowers heroes can possess rolled into one MEGAPOWER.

Her motto is…“Bring it like it’s never been brung!”





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