HKD Boss Freeman drops new album – Mukuru weKambani

The new album is titled Mukuru Wekambani and it has 12 songs on it, one of the songs was played by Merciless which is called “Some more” which seem to be more of mature music.

Later on he then played a snippet of another track titled Mukwasha which he said identifies more with the ghetto youths he then joked on how he was just tackling our taste buds by just playing a snippet and would play the whole song the night of the launch.

When asked about the title his response was that “he was not being boastful but it’s a way of encouraging people that you can be your own boss, no matter what circle you are in you can actually provide wholly for your family”.

He was also asked why he chose specifically 12 songs and not any other number and he replied that, “he always learn, correct and calculate from his previous albums and when he calculated he got the answer 12”

He also added that there are three artists who featured on his song and one of them is Mambokadzi “Darula”.

About the album launch he mentioned the venue which is club 1+1 at Long chain plaza and the entrance fee which is going to be $5.

He also added that tickets are going to be at the entrance as well as the new album it is going to be costing a dollar.

Concerning the album launch a lot of artists and Djs are going to be present especially the HKD family and perhaps there might be a surprise VIP guest.

Later on he also gave respect to his elder Ex-q for the hit song Nzenza which is being considered as number one song is Zimbabwe right now.

A lot of callers called to ask questions as well as to show love to the HKD Boss but some raised important points like he should collaborate with artist such as Winky D,Guspy Warrior and Killer T  and he promised to put that in mind.



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