Miss Rach – The Radio Diva – Power FM Personality of the week

She’s fun, vibrant, beautiful , energetic and always keeps it real.

Her real name is Rachael Mwenyeheli, Power FM producer presenter of The Connexion, a magazine show on Power FM between 09:00 – 12:00 every weekday .She joined the Power FM Zimbabwe station in 2016.

Her show is a catchy and very interactive which touches on health and social issues that affect our lives on a daily basis, not forgetting the fun cooking session that happens on the show, sharing recipes and cooking ideas to transform your dishes into delicious meals.

Very bubbly and quite opinionated, she appreciates the views of others, as there is always two sides of the coin. She is a food lover, but totally not a fan of chocolates or any sweet stuff rather she is in for salty and sour food .

Connect with Miss Rach the Radio Diva every week day between 0900-1200 only on Power FM Zimbabwe

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