One of Zimbabwe’s most beautiful women, former Big Brother housemate ,entrepreneur , fashion queen and trend setter Pokello Nare was a guest on  Power FM on Chamvary’s show Lunch Time Radio on Tuesday May 15 2018.

The 32 year old entrepreneur told Power FM’s Chamvary that a lot of things has been happening in her life after Big Brother Africa such as getting married, having a family and  growing her business.

In addition to her growing as a businesswoman she also mentioned the issue of her going to launch a new gel polish Pokello Nail Lacquer on the 25th of May. She said the launch is a ladies champagne breakfast .

On the interview one caller asked her how she has managed to survive after all that has happened to her especially the controversy which rises on social media platforms.“What was supposed to kill me in 2011 did not kill me now I am up and nothing that you can possibly think of can pull me down.Instead of being down trodden by people’s words or criticism I ignore or take them as my strength givers.As long as it doesn’t affect me being a mother, sister or daughter I don’t care”

Speaking of survival skills Pokello is grateful to the experience and exposure she got when she was at Big Brother Africa. Talking about her personal life another caller asked if she is still married and her answer was yes and she is very proud to have her son. She went on to say “Have you seen a divorce certificate? So if you haven’t seen one, I’m still married”.

One of Pokello’s song requests on L.T.R was Nhema and Chamvary asked why she chose that particular song.“I have always been a fan of Ex –Q but the song NhemaI feel like it was meant for me because most of the negative things that are on social media inhema”

A lot fans called to ask questions as well as give positive messages which she really appreciated.

Look forward to another celebrity interview on L.T.R with Chamvary on Power FM evry Tuesday …….

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